Public Speaking

A blog about public speaking and how you can use it in a child’s life Public speaking means expressing an idea or belief to a set of human beings. Everyone, from the CEO to the young little one, wants to amplify their public speaking skills. Public speaking is the closing ice-breaker and might help a … Read more

How To Get Your Kids To Love Learning

A blog about creative ideas and how your entire family can be more creative. This blog is devoted to inspiring you to get your kiddies to love learning. There are tons of resources on the internet with easy-to-implement activities/ ideas/ hacks that you can use to help get your kiddies to love literacy. My objective … Read more

What your child can learn from this platform:

Arts & Crafts

A post about what items can be learned from the Astral Academy platform Astral Academy is an innovative new-age mastering platform wherein kids elderly among 6-14 can study from an extensive variety of instructions together with Art & Crafts, Public Speaking, Personality improvement, Creative writing, etc. Learning new matters and making development with actual attempts … Read more

How to help your kid get the most out of their summer holidays

A blog around the importance of personal development and self-learning during the summer break We recognize summer season holidays are a substantially critical time for masses of dodos. When they no longer sense to be in academia and sitting beforehand in their handbooks, kiddies have the freedom to attempt to do anything they need. With … Read more