Theater’s extraordinary effect on youngsters and all of its benefits make it important for their development

Of every extracurricular activity available to kids these days, drama and theater are considered the most versatile form of activity of them all. The theater includes various extracurricular exercises like singing, public speaking, acting, performance in front of an audience, etc. The theater and performance arts is frequently praised as a pleasant and equally educational … Read more

How creative writing benefits your child?

Writing has always been an incredible form of expression since the beginning of time. It goes along way toward a healthy and robust upbringing for kids to have a creative outlet in the busycurriculum kids have today. One such outlet that enables kids to be better versions ofthemselves and have the freedom to independently develop … Read more

Giving your kids the gift of emotional intelligence

At a glance. What is Emotional intelligence. The plethora of benefits for your child. Ways to develop emotional intelligence In terms of learning vital skills and creating emotional and cognitive power that will last alifetime, your child’s early development years are also the most fundamental and crucial.The ability to recognize and regulate one’s own emotions, … Read more

Why emotional learning is so important for your kids

With technology becoming faster and more efficient than ever before, and the currentgeneration’s lifestyle pacing faster, it is clear that the next generation will have to meet thedemands of this fast-paced lifestyle, as well as the competitiveness and conflict that it bringswith it. Success for this new generation will be defined not only by academic … Read more

5 Steps to nurture Emotional Intelligence in your Child

Teaching emotional intelligence to your children is the best thing you can do for theirfuture and make them better humans.Emotional intelligence can be defined as understanding, articulating, and regulatingtheir own emotions and those around them. Some ways you can nurture emotional intelligence in your child are Extend and enjoy playtime with your children: Playing with … Read more

EQ vs. IQ: Why Emotional Intelligence will take your kids further in life

We have spent decades considering intelligence quotient as the sole determinant of how innovative or successful a child would be; however, in recent years, it has only revealed half of the findings or only looked at specific components of a person's intelligence. As a result, the beginning of measuring and studying emotional intelligence has resulted in a wealth of information and brought its benefits to light. Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient is the ability to understand, become aware of, and work through one's and others' emotions. It provides a complete picture and development of a child's personality, paving the way for a better curriculum for children to follow to achieve higher intellectual and fulfilling growth in all aspects of life. While the intelligence quotient is concerned with a child's ability to employ logic in problem-solving, comprehend abstract concepts, and use logical reasoning to generate answers to various problems, it fails to take a holistic view of a person's mental capacity. This isn't to suggest that emotional intelligence accounts for everything. Both these elements are concerned with different aspects of activity and brain function, impacting various spheres of one's life that are equally necessary for progress. On the other hand, emotional intelligence considers multiple factors such as empathy, self-awareness, self-regulation, and how one expresses their views and adapts their behavior to various settings. As a result, it's tough to state one is better than the other, but it's correct to say that your child's growth depends on both. However, the majority of the curriculum for youngsters focuses primarily on increasing their intelligence quotient, which means emotional intelligence takes a back seat. To name a few advantages your children will reap from emotional intelligence, we can say that it helps them become more empowered and confident. 1. Builds Character: Emotional intelligence enables youngsters to concentrate on characteristics of their personalities that will last a lifetime and have a more substantial impact on how they are seen by themselves and the rest of the world. 2. Better grasp on emotions: It educates kids to comprehend their feelings better; if they don't recognize them, it allows them to acknowledge and label them in their own words and pace. 3. Problem Solving skills: It motivates children to concentrate on, devise solutions and examine a situation from several angles. 4. Coping skills: Emotional intelligence teaches children to deal with different future demands while also preparing them to deal with various mental health issues. This is true even if the troublesome stimulus is foreign to them; they can tackle it just fine if equipped with a firm grip on their emotions and sentiments. 5. Improved Relationships: It improves their interpersonal relations because they can sympathize with and understand others' emotions and feelings well. 6. Better Expression: It does wonders to enhance their communication skills, and their understanding helps give them a better worldview. Emotional intelligence helps develop culture and etiquette in them. Emotional intelligence can take children further in life because they become armed with the tools and skills required to survive and thrive in any situation or curveball life may throw at them. If you want your children to be better prepared to face the world and take care of themselves, you must instill emotional intelligence in them from a young age. It is also critical for parents and teachers of young children to be highly self-aware and accountable for their actions, behavior, and words around children; as the saying goes, "Emotional Intelligence begins in infancy," which means we must model emotional intelligence for them. Developing your child's intelligence and nurturing it may be a very engaging and gratifying experience for them and you. Another essential point to consider when discussing the benefits of emotional intelligence and how it can help your children succeed in life is that most employers now require you to take emotional intelligence or EQ tests in addition to IQ tests before being hired. Being high on EQ communicates the message that the candidate is not just qualified for the job but also for the workplace environment and the various situations that may arise, can solve problems, cooperate with diverse individuals, and come up with fresh ideas and improvements in the workplace. Therefore, to raise children who create a better future that we can't stop talking about, we must ensure that we prioritize nurturing their emotional intelligence and intelligence quotient with equal importance.

We have spent decades considering intelligence quotient as the sole determinant ofhow innovative or successful a child would be; however, in recent years, it has onlyrevealed half of the findings or only looked at specific components of a person’sintelligence. As a result, the beginning of measuring and studying emotional intelligencehas resulted in a wealth of … Read more

Public Speaking

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How To Get Your Kids To Love Learning

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Arts & Crafts

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